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The Clinique de Physiothérapie du Plateau Mont-Royal is staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals with experience in treating all types of injuries, from chronic ailments to post-operative rehabilitation. The biographical information below will help you get to know them better before your next appointment!

François Landry, B. SC, PHT, MOPPQ, MCPA, FCAMPT

François Landry









A graduate of the Université de Montreal in 1982, François began his career in Calgary, Alberta, where he began training in orthopedic manual therapy. Back in Québec in 1985, he completed his first two years of training in osteopathy at l’Académie Still, then obtained his certificate in advanced manual therapy (advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy) in 1994. Lecturer at McGill University from 1989 to 1994 and at the Université de Montreal from 1991 to 1994, instructor for the AQPME and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, he has been teaching manual therapy (advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy) for 30 years. François has been a Canadian examiner for this program since 2001.

Active in the profession, François has been involved with the AQPME, the OPPQ Professional Inspection Committee and is currently a member of the manual therapy steering committee (advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy). He has previously served as Accreditation Chair of Physiotherapy Education in Canada.

François founded the clinic in 1989, and since then has been treating the community of the neighbourhood in which he grew up. This clinic has become a reference centre, offering a variety of specialized services.




Olivier Benoit, M. SC., PHT, MOPPQ


Olivier Benoit began his career in the field of physiotherapy with a diploma as a physical rehabilitation therapist in 2008. He continued his training at the Université de Montreal where he completed the Bachelor's/Master's degree program in physiotherapy in 2013. Since then, he has been working in a private clinic with a varied clientele, always seeking to perfect his practice. He continues to follow the AQPME's orthopedic manual therapy program (advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy), as well as multiple motor control training courses and a variety of other topics

With a wide range of experience in the field of sport and physical rehabilitation, Olivier has always been passionate about movement. In fact, his background as a coach and acrobatic sports athlete has made him aware of the importance of moving well. This has allowed him to develop an analytical eye for movement that is very useful in his treatments.

For a few years now, he has been passionate about climbing in all its forms. His interest in this activity leads him to read and analyze the gestures specific to this sport. He’s able to give you advice on prevention, progress and promote your safe return to climbing after an injury.

He is happy to help you, no matter what the cause of your troubles!

Guillaume attended his university education in Belgium. He obtained his master's degree in physiotherapy and rehabilitation in 2014. During his studies and following an internship with the Luxembourg Olympic Medical Centre, he developed a keen interest in this field.

In parallel to his early career in the field of physiotherapy, he continued his initial training with a complementary master's degree with expertise in manual therapy and sports pathologies. In 2015, he will complete his dissertation on lumbar problems.

Passionate about the management of musculoskeletal disorders, he is strongly committed to post-graduate training. He continues his curriculum with the McKenzie approach and certification in the Mulligan Concept. Two pieces of training are favouring self-treatment with specific exercises.

When he arrives in Quebec, he completes his physiotherapy equivalence at the University of Montreal in 2018. Member of the OPPQ and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, he has been working in private clinics since then. To perfect his knowledge, Guillaume continues to train by following the AQPMA's advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy program.

A former handball player, he regularly practices running and hiking in the mountains. He is also passionate about cooking.

He is always ready to listen and is a great teacher and will be happy to help and advise you!

Angélique Mariotat

Angélique Mariotat

Angélique Mariotat, a native of France, obtained her graduate degree in international finance. After a brief unsatisfactory experience in this field, she moved to a work environment that was closer to people and their needs. She is an administrative assistant and receptionist. She joined the excellent team at the Plateau Mont-Royal physiotherapy clinic in April 2002. She will welcome you with her energy and communicative smile to make your visit to the clinic a pleasant one.

A reference in manual therapy (advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy)

A biomechanical evaluation followed by appropriate exercises can restore the optimal functional profile.


Clinique de Physiothérapie du Plateau Mont-Royal

5184 Saint-Denis St

Montreal, Québec

H2J 2M2

Phone: 514-277-8954



Monday to Thursday, 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday, 7:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Service Area

 In Montreal in the Plateau-Mont-Royal


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