A Physiotherapist at Your Service in Montreal

Olivier Benoit began his career as a physiotherapist by earning a therapist degree in physical rehabilitation in 2008. He continued his academic training at the Université de Montréal where he completed the physiotherapy bachelor-master’s program in 2013. Since then, he has been working in private clinics with a diverse clientele, always looking to perfect his practice. He still follows the orthopedic manual therapy program from the AQPMO, in addition to completing trainings on motor control and a variety of other subjects.

With his broad experience in sports and physical rehabilitation, Olivier has always been passionate about movement. In fact, his background as a coach and acrobatics athlete has made him aware of the importance of moving well. This has allowed him to develop an analytical approach to movement which is very useful in his treatments.

He will be happy to help, no matter the root of your problems!

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